Krystal + Brady August 27, 2016

Krystal and Brady's story goes way back - the two first met in kindergarden where they became friends. Their friendship lasted througout elementary and high school and it wasn't until 2 years after graduation that they became more than friends. Looking back to their first day of kindergarden, who would have known that they would grow up together to be husband and wife. Krystal and Brady are the perfect blend - fun-loving, easy-going, and you can tell how much love they have for one another just by being in their presence.

Brady started the day by chilling out and getting ready with his guys at his Mom’s beautful house on Moira Lake in Madoc, where he grew up. Krystal got ready with her girls (and her dog, that greeted us as we arrived!) in the countryside just outside of Belleville. The day started off in an emotional and beautiful way, as Krystal and Brady wrote intimate and heartfelt letters to one another. Brady read his note from Krystal on the bridge overlooking Lake Moira, which is home to many of his childhood memories. He said that he has jumped off of that bridge hundreds of times in his life.

Brady was so excited to see Krystal, his beautiful bride, for the first time when she walked down the aisle. There were smiles on both of their faces the whole day, but none were bigger than when they walked back up the aisle and out of the ceremony together as husband and wife.

Highlights of the day for us included capturing the beautiful venue and the stunning Bay of Quinte with our drone, the way that Krystal and Brady looked at each other and the love that you could feel, and the small-town vibe as they were so welcoming and made us feel like long-time friends.

Congratulations Krystal and Brady!