Ontario Destination Wedding Videographer

At Sage & Sea Co., one of our passions is travel. Adventure, destination, and elopement weddings give us the opportunity to combine our passion for adventure with our love for photo and film. We're always up for a good adventure, and we consider it to be the ultimate privelege to tag along with you as you enjoy the greatest escape of all.


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How far will you travel? What constitutes a destination wedding?

There is no limit to where we will travel for a great story! Although most people think of a destination wedding as a wedding in a tropical location, it doesnt have to be. A destination wedding can occur at unique locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond! We would consider certain locations within Canada for our destination wedding packages as well! If you are unsure, send us a message.

Would it be easier to hire a wedding photographer and/or videographer who is already located at the location of my wedding?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. A local photographer/videographer may know the surroundings better, but they are often more expensive. There is also an added risk that you will not recieve your images or films from the foreign photographer/videographer. While we are bound to the contract that we sign promising delivery of the images/films, there may be difficulties with holding a foreign phtoographer/videographer to the contract. And finally, it can be difficult communicating with a foreign photographer/videographer, as you often cannot just call them and there may be a language barrier. With us, you have a fun, easy-going team, that guarantees to do their best to capture your wedding and provide you with edited photos and films from your wedding in paradise that you will cherish forever.

What are your destination wedding packages and prices?

We are able to offer the same packages that we offer for non-destination weddings. Because we have a passion for travel and we love shooting weddings, we can often offer special destination wedding packages and pricing. Contact us for more details.

How many photographers/videographers does your destination team include?

Whether shooting photo, video, or combined coverage, we always cover weddings with at least 2 experienced professionals. There is an option to add a 3rd shooter. Depending on your package, timeline, and number of guests, it may be recommended that you add a 3rd shooter to ensure that all of the events of the day are captured perfectly.

Aside from your services, what costs and other items need to be covered?

As the client, you would be responsible for the following costs/fees:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel/Resort accommodations (dependent on the length of the event)
  • Food/meals

Do I need to book the flights?

If you would like to book the flights in order to collect or use travel miles/points, you are welcome to do so. If you choose to book the flights, we as that you please confirm flight dates/times with us before purchasing the tickets. Allternatively, we can book the flights ourselves. In that case, we will approve the price with you before booking.

What if our camera gear gets lost or delayed?

We have a special camera bag that allows us to pack our gear as carry on for the flight. That means that the gear never leaves our sight. For diestination weddings, we also ask that you allow us to travel at least 1 day in advance of the wedding in case of any other potential issues.

If you have any other questions, we would love to answer them!