Paul + Carly March 4, 2017

Paul and Carly simply love being around one another. One of their favourite things to do is curl up together on the couch for a show or movie. For them, being in the eachother's company is all that they need.

When they started dating, they knew that what they had was something special right out of the gates. They just 'got' eachother. As their five-year anniversary approached, the two promised that they wouldn't buy gifts for eachother; but Paul had other plans...

Their wedding at the magnificent King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto was nothing short of beautiful and elegant. As Paul saw Carly in her dress for the first time, he was at a loss for words. "Stunning", he said. In front of their closest family and friends, they spoke their vows in the Vanity Fair Ballroom.

Paul and Carly entered the reception as husband and wife to thunderous aplause, which they answered with a VERY energetic first dance. The speeches told of the loving and kind nature of Paul and Carly as individuals and as a couple. As the night wore on, it was once again evident that Paul and Carly love being around eachother. They shared many dances as the lights dimmed at the Omni King Edward Hotel.

Congratulations, Paul and Carly!