Nick + Kara August 12, 2017

Nick and Kara are kind, caring, and genuine. They love travel and board games (the latter of which they admit can sometimes get a little heated). More than anything, the love simply having fun and laughing with each other.

On a sunny August morning, we arrived at Kara's parents' house where Kara, her family, and the bridesmaids were getting ready for the day ahead. Kara's dad helped to hang Kara's dress on a tree in the forest that backs onto their beautiful family home. Later in the morning, he was overwhelmed with emotion as he saw Kara in that dress for the first time.

We headed off to catch up with Nick at a nearby hotel, where he and the guys were getting ready. As we arrived, the guys were hanging out and playing video games. After a final stand against a wave of zombies, Nick and the guys buttoned their shirts, donned their jackets, and headed off towards Decew Falls for the first look. As the water gushed over the falls nearby, Nick and Kara saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.

We proceeded to explore the forest trails surrounding Decew Falls with Nick and Kara, before heading off towards Club Roma for the rest of the day. There, in a small forest clearing, Nick and Kara declared their heartfelt, personal vows to each other in front of their closest family and friends.

Inside, stories were told about Nick and Kara as guests enjoyed a delicious meal that paid homage to their self-declared status as "foodies". Smoke filled the dance floor as Nick and Kara shared their first dance together to kick off an epic night of dancing. And as the sun set over St. Catherines, Nick and Kara slipped out together to a nearby field to share a few quiet first moments as husband and wife.

Congratulations Nick and Kara!!

Venue:   Club Roma, St. Catherines, ON

Linens:   Simply Beautiful

Musicians:   Glissandi

Cake:   Above and Beyond Cupcakes

Photography:   Andrew Hesp