NICKY + JULIA Sept 3, 2016

It’s no secret that we adore intimate weddings, we love the simplicity and the emotion shared among those closest to the couple. Julia and Nicky chose to have their wedding at Serenity Cottage - a hidden gem tucked away on Georgian Bay. The name says it all.

18 of their closest family and friends spent the day relaxing with Julia and Nicky in a beautiful lakefront cottage. After the ceremony, they sat down together for dinner at a large harvest table.

The obvious love between Julia and Nicky was incredibly honest and refreshing. In the words of Julia: "Technically, Nicky didn’t propose because she got too nervous and was unable to say anything. It was shortly after Valentines day so I panicked thinking she was breaking up with me but didn’t want to do it until after Valentines day (because right before is just rude, I guess?). After a few minutes of fumbling around she took out the ring. I said yes, but she re-proposed a few months later (less nerve racking when you know the answer). That pretty much sums up how awkward we are as people, haha. Romance is overwhelming!"

Surrounded by those that they hold closest to their hearts, there was no awkwardness whatsoever as Julia and Nicky said their vows on the shores of Georgian Bay.